With the relaunch of the website, we felt it was time to consider creating a graphic form that could be used in the various different types of projects that we do, which is fairly varied in format, medium, and means of distribution. Toward that end, we reached out to a designer we’ve had the good fortune to work with over the past couple of years: Hideki Inaba. The creation of this shape is our fourth project with Inaba. In the past, we invited him to create the key graphic for the Shashin Festival: Photography from Japan (held at the New York Public Library in April 2015), design the photobook "Sohei Nishino: Tokyo” (published by IMA), and design the icon for the amana collection (a corporate collection of contemporary photography from Japan, for which I am the chief director). Inaba will also be the art director for our forthcoming book on Japanese photography, scheduled for published in the fall of 2017.